About Us

Even though 1 in 4 people have mental health & wellbeing problems, most of us don’t get the help we need.

At Yorkshire Wellbeing Skills Group we work towards good mental health & wellbeing for all as everyone knows, prevention is better than cure. Everything we do is focused on protecting people’s mental health & wellbeing.

Our work involves practical projects to identify what’s most helpful, public information that empowers people to look after their mental health and influencing individuals to move In the right direction.

We know that some communities are at higher risk of mental health & wellbeing problems due to the social, economic, and environmental circumstances they find themselves in. Much of our work challenges these mental health inequalities by helping those at the greatest risk.

We support people all over West Yorkshire by making mental health & wellbeing priority. We support people – whenever you might need it through our information, advice & activities around West Yorkshire. We bring together an unstoppable network of individuals and communities. We are a charity who care about mental health & wellbeing and are here to make a difference.

At Yorkshire Wellbeing Skills Group we’re passionate about helping people living with metal health & wellbeing. We do this through mindfulness and compassion training including several different courses & activities.

The service and activities would not be possible without the financial support from various funding bodies. We truly appreciate your support.